Artery Cleaning Treatment

Artery Cleaning treatment also know as Bio-Chemical Angioplasty (BCA) or Chelation Therapy is a treatment for coronary artery disease.

After a long research and lots of experiments Saaol heart center started to treat patients with chelation. Currently there are more than 500 centers and hospitals in India that uses chelation Treatment for detoxification.
What is Artery Cleaning Treatment (Bio-Chemical Angioplasty)?
Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so that they can be removed from the body.
Artery blockages are mostly made of calcium and unnecessary molecules that are either lipids or fats. Chelation is delivered into patient’s blood stream through an intravenous line (IV) and removes these substances through urine.

Detox Treatment

Removes toxic substances from the body.

tact trail-01

Tact Trail Approved

Study Showed Mark Improvement in Cardiac Patients.

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Cost Effective

It is less costly than Bypass Surgery or Stent.

Previous History of Chelation Treatment.
Year 1900

In 1900, CHELATION was used to remove excess lead from the body from patients who had lead poisoning. American organizations came forward to use “EDTA CHELATION THERAPY” as a treatment for Coronary artery Disease.

Year 1988
Year 1993
How Artery Cleaning treatment (Bio-Chemical Angioplasty) works?
In Chelation treatment, dose of Medication Called Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) is delivered into patient’s blood stream through an intravenous line (IV). This medication seeks out and binds to minerals in your blood stream. Once the medication binds to the minerals, it creates a compound that leaves through urine.
The theory behind using Chelation treatment for heart disease is that medicines use in the treatment binds to calcium that’s in fatty deposits (Plaque) in your artery. Once the medicine binds to the calcium, the plaques are swept away as the medicine move through patient’s blood stream. It takes 2 to 2.5 hours to complete a single session of Chelation. And may advice to take up to 20 sessions for a greater results that are given on an alternative days.

Result of Chelation in Blocked Artery

This is an animation showing How BEOFRE and AFTER effects of Chelation can Look.

chelation1 chelation2
Saaol Heart Center acquired Artery Cleaning (Chelation Treatment) For Heart Disease.
Since the day Saaol first introduced, Franchise only focused on Lifestyle management until they realized patient needs more time to modify their lifestyle. To provide this time, Saaol accepted 2 Treatment from Medical science. EECP Treatment and Artery Cleaning (Chelation) Treatment.
In 2002, Dr. bimal Chhajer visited USA to find out how effective Chelation is. Results of this Treatment were promising. Dr. chhajer learned Chelation and started this Treatment in all of his branches.
Today there are more than thousands of centers and hospitals practicing chelation Treatment with great results including 75 Branches of saaol.
TACT Trail – A study that proved Effectiveness of Chelation Treatment.
TACT (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) Study by NIH of EDTA Chelation Therapy Proves Highly Significant Benefits in cardiovascular disease . "Up to 50% prevention of recurrent heart attacks and 43 percent reduction in death rate from all causes." "The patients with diabetes, which made up approximately one third of 1,708 participants, demonstrated a 41 percent overall reduction in the risk of any cardiovascular event. This included a 40 percent reduction in the risk of death from heart disease, reduced risk of nonfatal stroke, or nonfatal heart attack; a 52 percent reduction in recurrent heart attacks; and a 43 percent reduction in death from any cause."
Therapy (TACT). This randomized, placebo-controlled study of 1,708 patients showed that intravenous disodium EDTA chelation therapy decreased subsequent cardiac events with statistical significance, when compared to a control group of similar patients who received placebo.
Cardiologists from prestigious medical schools joined a total of 134 medical centers across the U.S. and Canada who participated in this study, at a cost of $30 million. Statistical analysis showed benefits to be highly significant. Cardiac events that were reduced included fewer deaths, fewer heart attacks, and fewer strokes, less need for cardiovascular surgery, and fewer hospitalizations for heart problems. Chelation therapy shown to be safe, without any serious side effects. Patients experienced increasing benefits during the time that they were studied-up to five years thus far. Forty 3-hour intravenous infusions of disodium EDTA were administered during 30 weekly sessions, followed by 10 more treatments once per month. All patients in the study had previously suffered with a well documented heart attack. Results showed effectiveness at reducing their overall death rate, with fewer heart and vascular events. Diabetic patients appeared to do particularly well. The investigators concluded that intravenous EDTA chelation therapy can safely provides important benefits for heart disease patients, who were already on more traditional therapies before receiving chelation. These findings were unexpected by cardiologists, who have long disparaged EDTA chelation therapy. Additional research will be sought to confirmation these findings. Studies to explore the mechanism of action are also needed.

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