Lipid Control Program

“Heart Disease is a lifestyle disease. It is proven, if lifestyle changes, heart disease can be stopped and reversed with proper guidance.” Dr. Rakesh Kathiriya, Managing Director, Saaol Heart center Surat.

Our Lipid Control Program focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cholesterol, and tryglyceride disorder to prevent heart disease and stroke or reverse existing arterial disease.
What is Lipid?
Lipid Control
Most fats found in food are in form of tryglyceride, cholesterol, phospolipd, etc.. Out of which 2 lipids are involved in cardiac disease. They are glycerolipd that is tryglyceride and sterolipid that is cholesterol like LDL, VLDL.
Source of tryglyceride is plant food and source of cholesterol is animal products including dairyprodunts.
Fats are not bad thing for body as they contribute very important role in building up and for normal functioning of body and mind in well synchronization.
Our body has curtain limits in consuming fats. Excessive fats deposits on the wall of arteries and leads an obstruction to blood flow, which called atherosclerosis. This blockage turns into cardio vascular disease.
Our multidisciplinary team consists of experts, who have additional training and education in the prevention and/or management of dyslipidemia (Imbalance of cholesterol). Our comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemias includes:
  • Personalized lipid testing
  • Screening for genetic lipid disorders
  • counseling related to nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure control
We work collaboratively with dietitian and genetic to provide the best possible care for patients. Furthermore, we are dedicated to cultivating an academic teaching model, where our trainees can gain valuable hands-on training and experience.
dr tarul kathiriya
Saaol’s Zero oil cooking & Vegan Food Concept.
dietitian in surat
This is no rocket science. Most fat that causes blockages are in form of Cholesterol & Triglyceride which unfortunately every Indian eats every single day since their birth.
Saaol has come forward with this concept to remove these fats from daily consumptions without spoiling test. It is time to change traditional cooking.
Our highly qualified dietitian and nutritionist teaches patient’s family members, what and how to cook for patients according to their diagnose. We demonstrate, we educate and we design a diet for every individual patient.
Since 1995, Saaol has educated more than 40 lakh people about zero oil cooking and vegan food through camps, videos, books and social media.

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