Medical-Heart Yogas

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. ”

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Yoga and Modern Allopathic Medical Science shares a common scientific approach that is verifiability and reproducibility of the process and outcomes.
Yoga asanas have been used in conjunction with Ayurveda medicine for a long time and it therapeutic benefits have been scientifically established.
This has resulted in a specialized branch of yoga called Medical Yoga, focusing on simplified Asanas for a variety of illnesses. For diagnosis, Medical Yoga relies on medical diagnostics.
It emphasizes on conservation of energy/oxygen supply and directing it to the specific sub-systems-muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive etc. This results in balancing of energy flows in the body-mind complex that leads to ever-lasting blissful state. Medical yoga asanas are highly effective, energy conserving and deeply relaxing.
Saaol’s Medical-Heart Yogas
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Saaol has taken 50% treatments from allopathic sciences and rest From Ayurveda. Modern Science has already accepted that Yogas are extremely beneficial for healing human body. Saaol has combined allopathic and Ayurveda to design Medical-Heart Yogas For Cardiac patients.
Saaol has developed an infrastructure and created an environment that boosts patient’s energy towards their circulatory system. Saaol has created an isolated room with state of the art structure, which helps patient to focus on position and a slow instrumental music relaxes patient’s mind to help find peace. Special instruments are used in particular yogas to enhance treatment effects.
How Medical-Heart Yogas works for Heart Patients.
Medical-Heart Yogasare given for 1-hour daily following EECP treatment to the cardiac Patients.Theseyogas are aimed at opening the 'Heart Chakra', increasing blood flow to the heart and strengthening the area to cure the ailment.
Saaol’s doctor designs Yoga schedule according to patient’s history of disease and symptoms. And qualified yoga instructors work according to every individual patients schedule.

Sequence of Asanas

A special sequence comprising of asanas like
  • Suptabaddhakon Asana
  • Suptaveera Asana
  • VipreetDand Asana
  • Rope Jacket
  • VipreetKarni Asana
  • Shava Asana
Benefits of Medical-Heart Yogas
The sequence relieves the pressure from the thoracic organs, particularly heart, resulting into reduced pressure on cardiac muscles, which further results into optimum functioning of heart and helps in strengthening the ailing cardiac muscles.
It also improves collateral blood circulation to the ischemic (oxygen deprived) area, resulting in rejuvenation of muscles and can improve left ventricular ejection fraction (L.V.E.F)
Medical-Heart Yoga improves oxygen intake capacity resulting into better oxygen flow to the heart. It removes stress from the mind that results into reduced secretion of angiotensin hormones resulting into veso-dilation (increased diameter) of blood vessels.

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